Tell mi in a few words, what's this...

Zeeduino-XC stands for "Zeeduino across controllers".

Or something like that.

Arduino/Wiring runs on Atmel AVR (8-bit) and Atmel SAM (32-bit) controllers.

There are ports to few others like STM32 from ST (Leaflabs Maple) and PIC32 from Microchip (chipKIT32).

If you want Arduino/Wiring to run on your preferred controller, you have to roll up your sleeves and dig through Arduino/Wiring code looking for clues on what, how and where to change, implement and code.

Which is really not that hard. It just takes time. And patience.

Zeeduino-XC is a shot on making this porting process a walk in the park. Or just a light jogging.

First chip that Arduino/Wiring is ported to using Zeeduino-XC is LPC1347 from NXP.

We ported Arduino/Wiring to our (currently) favourite chip.

Now it's your turn.